This is the gift I give every mom to be…



I love this gift and I give it to every mom to be, for years now!  It is a sound assist sleep sheep. (Say that three times fast!) That helps babies fall asleep or become calmer.  Now what parent would not want this? Seriously! It is the gift that keeps on giving.  Moms always tell me, years later, how they still use it to get their child to calm and sleep.  It’s soft and snuggly with sweet sounds.  My little niece calls her “Shweepy” I guess she is already good at mixing names together (sleepy and sheep equals “shweepy”)  So cute!  Because I am not a mom, I just found out it has other features like a timer that apparently is priceless for keeping the babe asleep.  If you are curious about what parents have to say about it, click here for reviews.  Hope this helped someone with getting the perfect baby gift.

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“Ewwww Cooties”

No cooties for your Kids water bottles!

I have not written in some time.  I am so happy to see how much speed BPA free products have taken over the market especially with kids water bottles.  One thing I noticed though is that everyone has the same “kids water bottles”,  Some are different colors but very interchangeable.


I am currently taking care of a little boy named Bobby who indeed has what ever other kid has the Grip n’ Grab, his is green.  Recently I was washing “his” water bottle only to discover the nozzle was gnawed on and the initials on the bottom were not on the bottom anymore.  Simple, this was not Bobby’s water bottle but some strangers.  Maybe that is why he is getting sick.

So instead of dwelling on this too much I hastly went for a solution, the stickers to the left are a great way to make that bottle a very personal touch.  I created arts and crafts day and we decorated his bottles along with his sister.  They both got to pick the sticker and put it anywhere they wanted.  Now they will not let each other use the others bottle.  It was fun coloring in the animals and playing with them while creating a bottle that will hopefully stay more cootie free.


Solution created.  These stickers are machine washable and very fun but most of all it gives me a sense of security that he is using his own bottle and not sharing germs with other kids.  When he gets sick the work just piles up so if there is anything I can do to reduce sickness I will.  You mothers out there know exactly what I am talking about.  May your journey be as fun as mine.

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BPA-Free Nalgene Water Bottle? Not Quite. It’s the BPA FREE TITAN

In 2006, Jared Joyce, inventor of the bpa-free TITAN Water Bottle contacted Nalgene to discuss licensing opportunities for the revolutionary patent-pending TITAN cap. They passed on it. Jared, knowing that his invention could change the reusable water bottles industry forever,decided to make it himself.

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Nalgene water bottle made for your kids and BPA-Free by Emily M Smith



Kids water bottles that seemed simple enough to search for, but no!  I searched and searched, I found BPA-Free for a baby and I found plenty for me, what about for my niece who is 3? (If you want to learn more about BPA, scroll down to my other article “What is BPA and why should I make changes?”)


I ventured over to Amazon and found exactly what I was looking for.  A kids water bottle that was not made of metal and looked great.  The Nalgene Tritan Grip n’ Grab was such a valuable find.  My nieces favorite color is purple, she was delighted when I gave her the bottle.  I was delighted when she gave it back and I easly washed the bottle by hand, (it is also dishwasher safe, but I do not have one).

You will appreciate these kids water bottles so much once you have one.  One of the features that I really loved was that it did not dent like the metal ones.  My niece is a failrly calm kid, nevertheless, her earlier Sigg bottle was dented so much that I had to replace it.

The Grip n’ Grab also is made to fit kids hands, this also cut down on spills.  The fewer spills I have to clean up, the more time I get to spend with my niece.


Check out the pink link to Amazon to your right.  You will also see my other choices for BPA-Free water.  You too will discover what great water bottles these are for the kids.


Overall this is a must have kids water bottle.  My nieces mom has bought 3 more so her daughter is never without on.  Two thumbs way up, and you will feel good to know you are making your kids healthy with fewer chemicals going through their little bodies.

Kids water bottles / Nalgene water bottle made for kids

What is BPA and why should I make changes?  by Emily M. Smith



I was online shopping to get a kids water bottle for my 3 year old niece.  I continued to see products exclaiming BPA-Free.  I have heard of this but I really did not know why I should get this instead of the less expensive water bottles.  I figured it was another marketing trick, but then I researched and wow.



Scientific American, Plastic (Not) Fantastic, reported that BPA imitates estrogen. Hey fellas did you take your estrogen today? If you drank out of a clear plastic water bottle chances are high. This Scientific American article tells of the effects of BPA and its imitation estrogen, possible side effects, decrease in sperm count, and an increase in breast cancer cell growth. 


It is not the worries of the adult men and women that invoked me to write this article,  it is for the children that I am furiously typing away.  In this same article it shows that the age group with the most BPA in their urine is children up to age 6. You could help reduce the intake of BPA starting with your kids water bottles. These same type of levels were detrimental to lab rats in the studies to provide data on the effects of BPA.  A team of government scientists  found that adults’ ability to tolerate it does not exclude damaging effects in infants and children.”


I took a breath for a moment when I read that BPA runs through our systems fairly quickly, but then my breath got shorter as the article revealed that “…It doesn’t have to remain in the body to have an effect.”


So how can you tell  BPA-FREE products from others.  Most canned goods are lined with a BPA to prevent corrosion and food contamination, ironic, huh?



Clear or plastic bottles often marked with number 7 are a sure sign, but not in all cases.  I would suggest getting kids water bottles that specifically state BPA-FREE.   Here are my suggestions for great BPA-Free additions to your house hold.  You may already have some of these and not even realize it. CLICK HERE.

Please become more enlightened on BPA and read the full article from Scientific American. As endocrine biologist Scott Belcher said, “I have made a decision for myself not to use them.”  I am standing tall with him, if you too have taken our lead and at least made the decision to change for the children, please post a comment.